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Nestled in the heart of opulence, the aVenue sets the stage for unforgettable events with an ambiance of refined elegance and versatility.         

The epitome of sophistication, the interior boasts sumptuous leather banquette seating, enveloping guests in comfort and style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the venue showcases luxury joinery that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with timeless craftsmanship.

Every corner reveals intricate details and bespoke fixtures creating an atmosphere of unparalleled grandeur.

The aVenue is a testament to the artistry of opulent, where every gathering is elevated to a celebration of indulgence and refinement.




Seated 44

Cocktail 60

Full Venue 110


Our Main Room stands as the epitome of versatility, seamlessly adapting to various event atmospheres. Whether it's a chic cocktail party where laughter resonates, a dynamic dance floor with energy, bespoke entertainment captivating the audience, or a sophisticated networking event fostering connections, this space effortlessly accommodates diverse occasions with unmatched grace and style.

Features include:

  • Cloak room

  • Stunning marble DJ booth

  • DJ equipment & free-standing speakers 

  • In-house music system to play your own playlist 

  • Smart lighting system

Hidden optional features include: 

  • Retractable pole for circ acts

  • Rigging point for lyra performances 

Includes a pink grand marble bar, luxury furnishings and an additional wet bar island perfect for ice sculptures, champagne towers, functional drink bay, grazing station, caviar tasting, cake stand - an unlimited number of options. 




The Parkes' is the perfect setting for any intimate gathering.

Make your way through the stunning brass sliding doors into a truly spectacular space. Centred within 'The Parkes' is the WOW feature - a human-sized brass birdcage & swing, a sought-after place for photos, custom neon signage, styling arrangement or entertainment.

Features include:

  • Two serving or bottle service stations

  • Leather banquette seating 

  • In-house music system to play your own playlist 

  • Smart lighting system

  • Wall mounted TV - USB / HDMI capabilities for presentations or slideshows

  • Customisable artwork 

Setup formats: 

  • Private dining 

  • Cocktail



Seated 30

Cocktail 40

Full Venue 110

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